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RoundCap Stack Block (4 Cannagar Molds, Stacked)

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Mold Specs :

4 Stackable Cannagar Presses, with one set of 6″ Stacking Bolts and 4 sets of 1.5″ bolts.

RoundCap Cannagar Shape

All Pro Series RoundCap, FlatCap, and Torpedo Stacks are built with a universal body frame, so all units will stack. Because of this, larger mold gauges will have fewer molds inside the tool.   RoundCap, FlatCap, or Torpedo Presses do NOT stack with Perfecto Presses.

24 – 40 Gauge - 5 Molds inside each unit

42 – 52 Gauge - 4 Molds inside each unit

54 – 60 Gauge - 3 Molds inside each unit

Exact Diameters of each gauge size are listed under the specs tab in Resources / Learn About Sizes and Shapes

5 Inch Mold Length

Made from Black PLA.

Purchase Includes 1 BudDriver for Each Press + Individual Nuts/Bolts + Stacking Bolts + 1 Flower Loader included for any gauge under 44. Flower Loaders are not compatible or needed with larger gauges. (BudDriver is the packing tool)

All molds and plastic components are manufactured in the USA in Washington State using plant-based plastics.

Fabrication : FDM / FFF. Material : Black PLA (polylactide plastic made from renewables such as corn and sugarcane)

NOW $249.00

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