The diameter of a cannagar is referred to as Ring Gauge. Gauge is typically measured in 64ths of an inch, but this can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. A 64 gauge is approximately 1 inch in diameter, and a 32 gauge is approximately 1/2 inch in diameter. Cannagar Tools gauges are 0.7 mm increments.

Dual Gauge Shaping/FInishing Process

Step One - Packing

Use a cannagar mold to create a solid cigar shaped flower core around a skewer to allow airflow.

Step Two - Wrapping

After you remove the flower core from the cannagar mold, it's time to wrap it with your favorite wrapper, or leaves.

Step Three - Finishing

After the flower core is wrapped as desired, it is recommended to use a second larger cannagar mold to finish the cannagar after wrapping.   Doing so will ensure a tighter end result, with less instance of swelling, shape distortion, or other issues that can arise when drying/curing after wrapping.  

A 2-gauge difference is recommended for most wrappers, and a 4-6 gauge difference for using leaves and concentrate. *

Example :

For a wrapper : if you start with a 34 gauge, you should finish with a 36 gauge.  

For leaves and thicker wrappers :

If you start with 34 gauge, finish with a 38, or 40 gauge.  

*Recommended gauge difference depends on method, and thickness of concentrates used*

Exact Gauge Specs:


20 Gauge = 8.8mm = 0.35"

22 Gauge = 9.5mm = 0.38"

24 Gauge = 10.2mm = 0.40"

26 Gauge = 10.9mm = 0.43"

28 Gauge = 11.6mm = 0.46"

30 Gauge = 12.3mm = 0.49"

32 Gauge = 13.0mm = 0.51"

34 Gauge = 13.7mm = 0.54"

36 Gauge = 14.4mm = 0.57"

38 Gauge = 15.1mm = 0.60"

40 Gauge = 15.8mm = 0.62"

42 Gauge = 16.5mm = 0.65"

44 Gauge = 17.2mm = 0.68"

46 Gauge = 17.9mm = 0.70"

48 Gauge = 18.6mm = 0.73"

50 Gauge = 19.3mm = 0.76"

52 Gauge = 20.0mm = 0.79"

54 Gauge = 20.7mm = 0.82"

56 Gauge = 21.4mm = 0.84"

58 Gauge = 22.1mm = 0.87"

60 Gauge = 22.8mm = 0.89"



The RoundCap is the most widely used and popular form factor.  By far, it the most recognizable shape. Rounded end, cylindrical.    The "traditional" cigar shape.


Conceived with tips in mind.  Perfect for any situation where a rounded cap isn't desired.  Many prefer to pre-load tips into the molds, packing directly into them and creating a body that is perfectly even with the tip. Flat end, cylindrical.  


Torpedos are known for their sharpened end cap profile.  What else needs to be said?  Conical tip, cylindrical.  

Slim Taper Perfecto

The Slim Taper Perfecto™️ is a Cannagar Tools Original. Distinctive wide body, tapered towards the mouth. Due to the shape, this model can only be scaled up and down in size - which means the length will increase/decrease with gauge size.

Cannon Barrel Perfecto

Another Cannagar Tools Original. The Cannon Barrel Perfecto™️ has a reverse-tapered body. Wider at the end, with a slightly torpedo-tapered end cap.  Ka-Boom.  

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