Your purchase includes a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty starting on the date of purchase. This warranty covers Stacks, Half Stacks, 1X1’s (all versions), MultiPress, Rolling Platforms, BudDrivers, and Flower Loaders.

This warranty covers the original purchaser for full replacement in the event that warranty needs to be claimed.

What is covered : Product defects that interfere with the ability to properly use the tool, result in breakage, or interfere with the tool’s ability to create the desired end product.

FDM 3D printing will yield some errors. A balance of speed and accuracy leaves a margin for acceptable error vs not acceptable. Quality inspection ensures that the interior of the molds themselves are clean, with as little hand-finishing as possible. Errors inside the molds that effect the geometry of the cannagar or which impact the tool’s ability to reliably produce desirable results, are not acceptable. Most of these errors will be caught during Quality Inspection and will not ship.

The exterior body frame will sometimes have minor cosmetic flaws that pass inspection, minor blemishes are given a pass so long as the flaw will not impact the creation of the desired end product, or the ability to easily stack your tools.

Physical damage is not covered unless the damage occurred during shipping, or unless the damage is related to a product defect discovered during normal use of the tools.

Only products purchased directly from this website or authorized retail partners are covered under the Cannagar Tools 1 year limited warranty.*

If you find a problem with your tool and wish to make a warranty claim, Contact Customer Support though the Support Portal Chat bubble located in the bottom corner of the screen.    

* All products sold and fulfilled through this website, both direct to consumer and wholesale to retail partners, will include the Cannagar Tools “leaf interlocking circles” logo. These tools will be made from easily identifiable plastics sourced by Cannagar Tools. Any product that does not have the Cannagar Tools logo, or which is otherwise identified as not having been produced by Cannagar Tools and purchased through this website or through an authorized reseller, is not covered by the Cannagar Tools 1 year limited warranty.

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