About the Tools

All products are created with Fused Deposition Modeling using polylactic (PLA) composite plastics derived from corn, sugarcane, and other renewable resources.

Mission: Offering a wide selection of sizes and shapes & creating an unmatched level of service and versatility of tools.

About the Owner

I’m Chris, the owner of Cannagar Tools.

I created Cannagar Tools in 2016 as a way to help seed the cannagar industry. I wanted to see cannagars in many more stores, so that one day I can walk in and have a selection of gars to choose from. This reality is already taking shape. Mind Blown. Awesome journey this has been so far and I look forward to many more years watching this niche art form grow and develop.

Hobbies / Interests : Cannagars, boating, fishing, exploring the outdoors, technology, sustainable development, cryptozoology of the Pacific Northwest, Octopi, and many other curious things.

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Cascadia 3D

758 Fowler St

Raymond WA, WA 98577

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