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Cannagar Production Craft Tools and Accessories

Bamboo Skewers

King Roller Extra Large Cigar Rolling Machine

Stainless Steel Cigar Cutters

Humidity Packs

Misc Cigar Accessories

Aluminum Shafts for Two-Piece Bud Drivers

Hot Plate with Digital Temp Control

Electric Humidors

Firm Steel Rods (Skewer Replacements)

Vacuum Pump and Storage Bags

(for Cannagar Tools Method Leaf Curing)

3D Printers and 3D Printing Accessories

for Producing Your Own Cannagar Tools Molds at Home

QIDI MAX3 3D Printer

I have selected this printer because many custom Cannagar Tools have been produced on a Qidi XMax for years, and this is the newest best version of it.

Though Qidi is based in China, Qidi has amazing product support and quick responses when I had problems.

Build Tak Spatula

Paramount Flex PLA

(for Pre Roll Loaders)

QIDI X PLUS3 3D Printer

This is a slightly smaller version of the MAX3.

Not quite as full featured, but completely viable for cigar molds.

Cannagar Tools Primary Plant Based Plastic, Made in the USA.

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