1) I selected express shipping when I placed my order _X_ days ago, why have I not received a tracking number yet?

That is because express shipping means express shipping. It doesn’t mean instant manufacturing, post production, or handling/packaging. All PRO SERIES tools are Made to Order, fulfillment times vary.

If you would like an update on shipping status, feel free to reach out though the Customer Support Portal by clicking the message bubble in the corner of the screen.

2) What gauge sizes do I need to make 3, 5, 7 x, x, x gram cannagars?

The answer depends highly on several factors – your method, density of the material, moisture content, and the ambient humidity in the rolling environment will all contribute to weight and length variations. The strength of the person packing can impact the final length of the cannagar.   Something to consider – do you want shorter and fatter, or longer and slimmer? For Example a 24 gauge mold should make a 3-4 gram cannagar core @ 4 Inches length.   If you changed to 28 gauge, you would have a 2.5-3 inch cannagar, but it would still be the same weight.   You can use the same weight with different gauge sizes.  It is all about what you want your end product to be. As always, happy to help via email/phone to answer specific questions more in more detail.

3) Do you ship to my country?

Answer : Yes. Worldwide. Shipping cost is determined by size/weight, and your location.

4) When I open the press, the flower cores are stuck to one side. How do I remove them?

Answer : Two ways to dislodge sticky cores. Place fingers from both hands along one side of the core and roll it out of the mold with a rolling motion. You may be surprised how easy this is.

Alternative method : after opening the press, take the side with the cores stuck to it and from a height of about 6 inches above a table, drop the press. Keep dropping until all are dislodged. No force is needed, only gravity. DO NOT pull up on the ends of the skewers. Pulling up on the skewers will cause bending, and may cause damage the flower cores. Follow the instructions above, and your cores will remain solid and in tact.

Alternative method #2 : Turn the press around, with the cores facing away from you and slap the back of it with your open hand, the cores will dislodge.

5) The Getting Started Guide says to use a finishing mold – where is the finishing mold?

Answer : If you purchased a Pro Series Stack, or 1X Personal Cannagar Mold – in only one gauge size – you don’t have a finishing mold. Cannagar Tools were conceptualized as a two-gauge process. The 1X1 Personal Cannagar Press is a great way to learn about it. One cannagar press, two molds inside! Why? The smaller gauge is used to make the cannagar flower core. The second larger gauge is used to finish the cannagar after wrapping it. The larger mold tightens the wrapped cannagar while curing, keeping it’s shape form-factor perfect.

Note : you are NOT limited to our recommended process. Lots of customers are using Cannagar Tools for core packing only, and they have their own processes for wrapping and curing. However, if you wish for your cannagar to have a very tight form-factor perfect shape, two gauges are highly recommended. You may find it very easy to incorporate finishing molds into your curing process, and be extremely happy with the results. For Pro Series tools, this means needing a pair of cannagar presses for each production size.

6) I have a complex order, and I don’t see a way to order it from the website

Answer : Contact Cannagar Tools through the Support Portal. All inquiries will be answered as quickly as possible, usually within 48 hours. We have a Custom Shop, and there is no limit to what can be made.

7) When I receive a package from Cannagar Tools, the return address is not from Cannagar Tools. Why?

Answer : The return address you will see on your package is the 3D design and manufacturing company that owns Cannagar Tools, Cascadia 3D.

8) How do I clean my tools?

Answer : Use Isopropyl alcohol and wipe down with a cloth. For extra sticky buds, it is recommended to due a Triple Wipe. 1x to loosen the trichomes, 2x to really scrub and remove, 3X to wipe the last remaining traces of stickiness from the molds. Cannagar Tools and plastic accessories are made of semi-fill polylactide in an FDM 3D printing process and will allow liquid to pass through, so make sure you allow enough time for your tools to completely dry before next use.

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