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RoundCap Stackable Cannagar Mold

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RoundCap – The “Traditional” Shape

Mold Specs :

24 – 40 Gauge - 5 Molds inside each unit

42 – 52 Gauge - 4 Molds inside each unit

54 – 60 Gauge - 3 Molds inside each unit

Exact Diameters of each gauge size are listed under the specs tab in Resources / Learn About Sizes and Shapes

5 Inch Mold Length

Made from Black PLA.

Purchase Includes 1 BudDriver + Nuts/Bolts

(BudDriver is the packing tool)

All molds and plastic components are manufactured in the USA in Washington State using plant-based plastics.

Fabrication : FDM / FFF. Material : Black PLA (polylactide plastic made from renewables such as corn and sugarcane)

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